I’m a hobbyist photographer based in Dublin. I’ve enjoyed photography ever since I got my first camera as a present from my father. Previously I worked as a professional photographer covering Weddings/Headshot/Property.

In addition to this, I had an old and rarely updated website for my hometown of Trim in Co. Meath (trimtown.com). I decided to merge this in – under the TrimTown section – partly so I could update it more often.

Photo Usage & Copyright

I try to guard my copyright as carefully as possible – so the rule is – “Always ask before using”. None of the photos on this site may be used anywhere else without prior permission.

If you’re a charity, I will look favourably on your request. If it’s for private, non-commecial use, I will consider each request on its merits.  If it’s for commercial use, then I will expect you to pay. It’s pretty simple really, and just good manners, to ask in advance.