Infrared Photos – Trim

These photos were taken with an Infrared Filter on the camera which removes most visible light from the image. Healthy vegetation appears as white - which gives the images a "fairytale" or dreamlike appearance. (The featured image of the bridge is not infra-red - just...

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Butterstream Gardens – Trim

Butterstream Gardens - Background This garden is no longer open, and has been incorporated into a housing estate. However, I decided to post an updated version of my old TrimTown Butterstream page to keep it "alive". I had always enjoyed visiting - and it was truly...

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Braveheart in Trim

The filming of a major part of 'Braveheart' took place in Trim in 1994/95 (the film was released in 1995). Lots of temporary additions were added to the castle which stood-in for York and London among other locations. These few photos are transferred from slides (it...

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William Makepeace Thackeray – The Irish Sketchbook

Background William Makepeace Thackeray was an English novelist, famous for his satirical works. Apart from the one discussed here, he also wrote "The Luck of Barry Lyndon" which was later filmed by Stanley Kubrick as Barry Lyndon (and happens to be one of my own...

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