“Winter Wonderland” – Crosthwaite Park

“Winter Wonderland” – Crosthwaite Park

Well, like everyone else, we’ve been having the same cold and snowy weather here in Dun Laoghaire. Here are a few photos taken in Crosthwaite Park, during the recent snowfalls. I’ve already used some of them for my custom Christmas Cards, which I get printed every year.

I don’t have any weddings to photograph until next week – so I wonder will they also be literally “white weddings”. I’ll have to be careful to make sure that all those white dresses don’t get lost with a snowy background ! In the meantime, I can do my indoor work – and enjoy looking out at the snow.

Crosthwaite Park pillar sign

Long shadow cast over the park

Snow and icicles on a tree in Crosthwaite Park

Snow & Berries

Berries and snow in the park

Snow on park railings

Tree trunk and Crosthwaite Park East

Monochrome tree photo