Flavours of New Zealand – Wine Fair

Flavours of New Zealand – Wine Fair

I recently photographed the “Flavours of New Zealand” wine fair event in the Aviva Stadium. It was held in the Havelock  suite, with a great view out over the pitch.

It was a very interesting day – starting with a masterclass led by Martin Moran. The main display of 35 tables represented a lot more producers, as some of them imported wines from numerous different producers. Anyway, here are a few photos to give you a taste of the day.

Flavours of New Zealand trade wine fair at the Aviva Stadium

Martin Moran leading a masterclass

Martin Moran conducting the masterclass

Wines for the masterclass

Wines for the masterclass

General masterclass views

The fair organisers : Jean Smullen and the people from New Zealand Wine

The organisers of the fair : Jean Smullen and the people from NZ Wine

Glasses & Bottles of Wine

General views of the fair

More Wine Tasting

Sample bottles of New Zealand Wine - various producers

Attendees including some Wine Critics

More Wine Critics and visitors

Wine Tasting photo



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Just a brief departure from my normal photographs in honour of our national holiday (and wine is another of my interests, apart from photography). The label is a humorous special version from Niepoort – they produce one from different countries each year, and now it’s Ireland’s turn. You can buy the actual wine in the Wicklow Wine Company, among other places.

Sásta wine label from Niepoort - St. Patrick driving out the snakes

Here’s the bottle of the wine to go with the label (different vintage, though) :

Sásta Wine bottle

I won’t be opening it just yet, and will report back then ! However, I’ve never had a bad bottle of wine from Niepoort